Technical Specification

Product Profile

Application & Standards The products conform to the following national and international specifications.

Equivalent National / International Standards

Specifications Conforming to IS 1239 {Part-I} :2004


Square Hollow Section (SHS) Conforming to IS 4923: 2017

The size which are not covered in the Table can also be supplied as per customer requirement.

*The value shall be applicable for the smaller side of the rectangular section

Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) Conforming to IS 4923: 2017

General Technical Specifications and Tolerances:

Remark : Mass Of Zinc Coating Per Galvanized Tube as Per Customers Requirements.

Structural PurposeConforming to IS 1161 : 2014

Note: For tubes upto size 25mm NB including Elongation of 12% shall be permissible.

Mass of Zinc Coating : Min 360 gm/m2

Water And Sewage Conforming to IS 3589 : 2001


Physical Properties

Mechanical And General Engineering Conforming to IS 3601 : 2006

Physical Properties


Note: 1. Any OD & Thickness not covered in this table may be supplied as per customer requirement
2. The Tolerance of thickness excluding the weld shall be 10%